Monday, June 25, 2012

Harry Potter Heels

I was inspired by these comic book heels I saw floating around on the interwebs here and was instantly intrigued by it. However, no offense to the original poster, but I am not the biggest fan of comic books. So I suppose one should go with what they know and what they love and so I went with Harry Potter!

I just went out and bought very basic heels [I went with black patent heels that had a bit of a platform to them, which was a total personal preference]. Then spent a couple of hours cutting up the pages of a Harry Potter book. I choose book 2 merely because I loved the quotes scattered throughout its pages and it was the only HP book that I had a copy of and was falling apart. I'm not going to list every step I took, that's why the link is posted if you so wish to make your own-although I must warn you... it is a very very long and tedious process... expect to spend the afternoon working on this.

I plan on making more of this style in whatever book crosses my fancy. :)

The shoe before it gets Harry Potter-fied
Make sure to place something down to protect
your work surface. Cleaning up glue on the floor is not easy.

The most tedious part is definitely wrapping
around the heels and curving the sides
But everything was definitely worth it!

Amount of time: 1/2 day [I kept getting distracted by the Olympic trials]
Willingness to repeat: absolutely yes!!

I can't wait to wear them!
Let me know if you would like me to make you a pair in your favorite book!! Shoot me an email and let me know or go to my etsy shop!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Every story has a beginning...

Mine begins right now. 

Graduation is fast approaching, and a lot of thought has been put into what exactly I will be doing once my schooling is completed. Travel the world? Get that all too necessary full time job? Laze about? Learn how to juggle? Or finally finish all of the craft projects that I've started?

The last option is one that I think will bring about the most sense of accomplishment in my life at the moment. But who knows? Juggling seems like it could be interesting.

I've set a few rules for myself while I complete my summer projects. Now by a few I really just mean one or two that I might update as time progresses. Amusingly enough these rules all boil down to the fact that I can't keep buying materials for projects that I will never start and/or finish.
       1. I can only buy fabric if I have a pattern [or concrete idea] that I can use it with. Likewise, I can only buy a pattern if I use fabric I already own.
-I saw this rule elsewhere on a sewing blog and thought that it was something that I needed to incorporate into my life.

       2. I can only buy yarn if I have run out in the pattern that I am currently doing.
-i.e. No more buying yarn because it's pretty without having a clue what I will use it for!

       3. I can only buy beads and beading materials if I have a pattern that I can use with it.
Well I think that is about it... Wish me luck!!

~ t