Thursday, February 27, 2014

In which I've made a thing.

So as you can tell I make things. Some of these things are cute, some of these things are not functional, some of these things I give away, some of these things look like a drunken child made them. Sometimes I am super critical of the things I make, sometimes I'm happy that I've accomplished making a thing but super frustrated that I can see all of its flaws. I am really  proud of being able to make these things. For once, the flaws are minimal, the self criticism is silenced, and I don't feel uncomfortable saying, "Why yes, I did make this. I created it. I am a badass." 
Recently I've made a dress using Simplicity 1873 in a midnight blue sateen fabric with a lace back. I also made the coordinating necklace, earrings and hair combs to go with the dress. This was my first fancy dress I created, second dress in general. The lace back was a little tricky since the pattern originally requires the zipper to go down the side, but it was an easy enough modification. Making this dress was just one step towards my goal of creating more of my own wardrobe and tailoring things to fit my body and not the other way around.

Next step will either be the same dress pattern or a pair of Colette pattern Iris shorts. I haven't quite decided yet.  Let's see how this will go!

(Since I got changed at work, I had to depend on my coworkers for pictures! sorry not much more detail is included)
The lace back on the "red carpet"

I am incapable of taking a nice picture sometimes

Taken at home, please excuse the messy room!