Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Every story has a beginning...

Mine begins right now. 

Graduation is fast approaching, and a lot of thought has been put into what exactly I will be doing once my schooling is completed. Travel the world? Get that all too necessary full time job? Laze about? Learn how to juggle? Or finally finish all of the craft projects that I've started?

The last option is one that I think will bring about the most sense of accomplishment in my life at the moment. But who knows? Juggling seems like it could be interesting.

I've set a few rules for myself while I complete my summer projects. Now by a few I really just mean one or two that I might update as time progresses. Amusingly enough these rules all boil down to the fact that I can't keep buying materials for projects that I will never start and/or finish.
       1. I can only buy fabric if I have a pattern [or concrete idea] that I can use it with. Likewise, I can only buy a pattern if I use fabric I already own.
-I saw this rule elsewhere on a sewing blog and thought that it was something that I needed to incorporate into my life.

       2. I can only buy yarn if I have run out in the pattern that I am currently doing.
-i.e. No more buying yarn because it's pretty without having a clue what I will use it for!

       3. I can only buy beads and beading materials if I have a pattern that I can use with it.
Well I think that is about it... Wish me luck!!

~ t